3 Sectors of Crisis Management

Pre-Crisis: This stage involves a deep dive into the inner workings of the client (company or person’s life). Understanding the client is one of the most important aspects of being able to plan for crises. The client’s exterior and interior facing aspects, vertical, personnel all have a role in what and how a crisis will […]

Risk Management

Creating a thorough and actionable plan to retain, mitigate, transfer, and manage the risks relevant to the client will help the client be protected. Starting with the identification of risk, SCS uses an all-hazards approach. That way all risks can be identified, categorized and given a threat level. From there, those risks are looked at […]

Our Services

SCS provides a full-service Crisis Solutions System while acting with the highest levels of discretion and privacy. SCS specializes in Crisis Management, Risk Management, Corporate Culture, and Crisis Simulations, Brand and Reputation Management, and Negotiations. Crisis Management: Pre, Intra, and Post Crisis planning and action to bring about a favourable solution to an acute or systemic […]

Getting to know us!

Strategic Crisis Solutions is a consulting firm that specializes in preparing for and managing crises both domestically and internationally. As a full-service firm, SCS is able to handle problems ranging from acute personal crises to full-blown systemic situations that are subject to high-stakes and prying stakeholders. SCS and its team of consultants will be able […]

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